capacity building


Through conferences, field days, workshops, webinars, and/or mentorships, we are helping seed producers scale up, diversify, and increase the quality of their ecologically produced, regionally adapted seed.

Peer exchange is one of the best ways to learn, be it about technical aspects of seed production, strategies to develop and grow a seed business, or how to conduct on-farm research. Training opportunities are organized in each region to facilitate farmer-to-farmer exchange, foster and develop the skills and knowledge of local seed stewards, and to provide opportunities for people who are not direct participants in the program to visit and hear about our work in the field.

For information about training and networking opportunities in your region, please contact your local Regional Program Coordinator.


Creating a more resilient seed system means supporting the growers who are at the heart of that system. By offering small grants to producers The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security supports their their efforts to expand, diversify, and improve ecological seed production.

Our Seed Production Capacity Building Grant program is designed to support seed producers and farmers to access training opportunities that they otherwise would not be able to access. Growers can apply for up to $500 to attend training events on ecological field crop seed and/or vegetable seed production not offered by The Bauta Family Seed Initiative.