Regional Program Coordinator,

Hugo is stepping into the position of Quebec regional coordinator at USC. He holds a BA in political science at McGill University, and completed his masters degree at Concordia University’s interdisciplinary program, where he studied food policy and governance at municipal, provincial and federal levels. Over the years, he has nurtured his engagement with food and farming networks in Quebec through research, media, advocacy, teaching, facilitation and outreach. Hugo is active locally with the Montreal Food Strategy, and has worked nationally for the Eat, Think, Vote campaign organized by Food Secure Canada during the 2015 elections. He is passionate about (re)building the commons, and loves to grow, cook and share meals when he is not outside biking. Hugo lives in Canada since 2009 and is excited to support farmer-to-farmer networks and bring his energy and skills to USC and its partners in Quebec. Read more about the Quebec program.