Regional Program Coordinator,

While completing an undergraduate degree in Ecology at the University of Toronto, Iris became very interested in agriculture and agroecosystems. She spent a summer at the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada in Truro, Nova Scotia getting introduced to the world of organic agriculture before travelling to the University of Manitoba to do her Masters of Science degree in organic agriculture. After finishing her masters, she continued working at the University of Manitoba as a research technician, working on various research projects, which included a diverse range of crops and cropping systems, including: organic wheat and oat breeding programs, participatory plant breeding program, soybean agronomy, cover crops, and conservation agriculture. Throughout her studies, travels, and work, Iris has had the privilege and joy of meeting and working with many farmers and learning from them about the diverse ways we can produce good food. Iris is very excited to work together with the agricultural community on seed security as the Prairie Coordinator of the Bauta Initiative on Canadian Seed Security. Iris is based at Organic Alberta. Read more about the program in the Prairies.